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The Hal Spacejock Series (Teen/Adult)

H2 2018

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Nor Of Human...An Anthology Of Fantastic Creatures Canberra Speculative Fiction Guild (2001) 0646413937
(Editor), Mike Ashley SF Choice 77 Orbit / Quartet Books Ltd (1977) 0704313006
Abbott, Paul Geometry (Teach Yourself) David Mckay Co (1967) 0340261641
Ableman, Paul Shoestring's finest hour an original novel London British Broadcasting Corporation (date?) 0563178671
Ableman, Paul Twilight of the Vilp (Sphere science fiction) Sphere (1971) 0722110111
Abrahams, Gerald The Pan book of chess Pan (1965)
Adams, Douglas The Restaurant at the End of the Universe (Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy) Pan Macmillan (2001) 0330262130
Adams, Douglas Long, Dark Tea-time of the Soul Pan Macmillan (1989) 0330309552
Adams, Douglas Life,the Universe and Everything Pan Books Ltd (1982) 0330267388
Adams, Douglas Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency Simon and Schuster (1987) 0671625829
Adams, Douglas So long, and thanks for all the fish Pan Books (1984) 0330287001
Adams, Douglas The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy Pan Macmillan (1979) 0330258648
Adams, Richard Plague Dogs A Lane (1977) 0713910550
Adler, Warren Trans-Siberian Express Macmillan General Books (date?) 0330255339
Agatha, Christie The Hollow Berkley NY (1984)
Akers, Alan Burt Suns of Scorpio (Orbit Bks.) Futura Pubns. (1975) 0860078159
Aldiss, Brian Helliconia Spring Triad Books (1986) 0586053654
Aldiss, Brian Helliconia Summer (Panther Books) Triad Books (1985) 0586053662
Aldiss, Brian Helliconia Winter Triad Books (1986) 0586053670
Aldiss, Brian Forgotten Life Mandarin (1989) 0749301236
Aldiss, Brian Galaxies Like Grains Of Sand House of Stratus (2001) 0755100565
Aldiss, Brian Hell's Cartographers Harper & Row (1975) 0060100524
Aldiss, Brian W Malacia Tapestry Panther (1978) 0441516475
Aldiss, Brian W Last Orders and Other Stories Panther (1979) 058604681X
Aldiss, Brian W Report on probability A (Sphere science fiction) Sphere (1977) 0722111088
Aldiss, Brian W. Frankenstein Unbound Granada (1982) 0586054340
Aldiss, Brian W. Decade: the 1950's St. Martin's Press (1980) 0312189877
Aldiss, Brian Wilson Last Orders Carroll & Graf Pub (1990) 0881846171
Alexander, Marc The Mist Lizard (Piccolo Books) Macmillan (1980) 0330259210
Allbeury, Ted Secret Whispers (Mayflower Books) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd (1982) 0583130089
Allbeury, Ted The Other Side of Silence (A Mayflower Book) Grafton (1982) 0583133894
Allbeury, Ted Special Collection HarperCollins (1978) 0583125972
Allbeury, Ted SMOKESCREEN Medallion (1986) 1556270003
Ambler, Eric The intercom conspiracy London Fontana (date?) 0006123953
Ambler, Eric Dirty story: A further account of the liee and adventures of Arther Abdel Simpson Bodley Head (1967)
Ambler, Eric To Catch a Spy Fontana (1974) 0006134831
Ambler, Eric Passage of Arms Fontana (1967) 0006120822
Amis, Kingsley Lucky Jim Penguin (1976) 0140016481
Anderson, Kevin J. Climbing Olympus Voyager (1997) 0006483054
Anderson, Poul Flandry of Terra (Coronet Books) Coronet Books (1976) 0340207531
Anderson, Poul Ensign Flandry Coronet (1966) 0340198648
Anderson, Poul Orbit Unlimited Panther (1976) 0586042717
Anderson, Poul Brain wave New York (1954)
Anderson, Poul War of the Wing Men ([Dobson science fiction]) Dobson Books Ltd (1977) 0234720115
Andrews, Virginia Flowers in the Attic HarperCollins Publishers Ltd (1979) 000615929X
Anthony, Evelyn The Legend Arrow (1983) 009932380X
Anthony, Evelyn Company of Saints Arrow (1984) 0099369303
Anthony, Evelyn The tamarind seed Sphere (1973) 0722111819
Anthony, Piers On a Pale Horse (Incarnations of Immortality, Bk. 1) Del Rey (1986) 0345338588
Anthony, Piers Bearing An Hourglass (Incarnations of Immortality, Book 2) Del Rey (1985) 0345313151
Anthony, Piers With a Tangled Skein (Book Three of Incarnations of Immortality) Del Rey (1986) 0345318854
Anthony, Piers Wielding a Red Sword (Incarnations of Immortality) Del Rey (1986)
Appleman, Daniel Dan Appleman's Developing Activex Components With Visual Basic 5.0: A Guide to the Perplexed Ziff-Davis Press (1997) 1562765108
Appleton, Victor City in the Stars (Carousel Books) Corgi Childrens (1981) 055252154X
Appleton, Victor Terror on the Moons of Jupiter (Carousel Books) Corgi (1981) 0552521558
Appleton, Victor Alien Probe (Carousel Books) Corgi Childrens (1981) 0552521566
Appleton, Victor War in Outer Space (Carousel Books) Corgi Childrens (1981) 0552521574
Appleton, Victor Astral Fortress (Carousel Books) Corgi Childrens (1982) 0552521655
Appleton, Victor The city in the stars Wanderer Books (1981) 0671411152
Archer, Jeffrey Shall We Tell the President? Coronet Books (1986) 0340393440
Archer, Jeffrey Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less (Coronet Books) Coronet Books (1980) 0340255730
Archer, Jeffrey Shall We Tell the President (Coronet Books) Hodder & Stoughton (1978) 0340230282
Archer, Jeffrey First Among Equals Coronet (1985)
Arden, William Mystery of the Moaning Cave Armada Bks. (1971) 0006905358
Arden, William Secret of Phantom Lake (Alfred Hitchcock Books) Armada (1979) 0001600346
Arden, William Alfred Hitchcock and the three investigators in the secret of the crooked cat Armada (1973) 0006919227
Arthur, Robert Secret Terror Castle Ah01 3in Collins (1982) 0006917801
Arthur, Robert Whispering Mummy (Three Investigators Mystery) Armada (1992) 0006923062
Arthur, Robert Mystery of the Screaming Clock (A. Hitchcock Bks.) Collins (1973) 0001600117
Arthur, Robert Mystery of the Vanishing Treasure Armada Bks. (1970) 0006903401
Arthur, Robert Mystery of the Magic Circle (Three Investigators Mysteries) Armada (1993) 0006923690
Arthur, Robert Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators in the Mystery of the Green Ghost Armada (1987) 0006920136
Arthur, Robert Alfred Hitchcock - Mystery of the Green Ghost Armada (1970) 0006903428
Arthur, Robert Mystery of the Vanishing Treasure (A. Hitchcock Bks.) Collins (date?) 0001600036
Arthur, Robert Mystery of the Fiery Eye (Alfred Hitchcock Books) Armada (1971) 0006904416
Arthur, Ruth M. Mother goose stories London (1938)
Arthur, William Secret of Shark Reef (Alfred Hitchcock Books) Armada (1983) 0006921531
Ashley, Michael The Work of William F. Temple: An Annotated Bibliography & Guide (Bibliographies of Modern Authors, No. 28) Borgo Press (1993) 0809515075
Ashley, Michael The History of the science fiction magazine New English Library (1974) 0450021823
Ashton, Stephen Pitiless Sky New Eng. Lib. (1981) 0450045757
Asimov, Isaac Asimov's choice: Comets & computers Magnum Books (1978) 0458935506
Asimov, Isaac Foundation (The Foundation Series) Collins (1994) 0586010807
Asimov, Isaac Destination Brain Grafton (1988) 0586200258
Asimov, Isaac The Caves of Steel (Robot Series) Voyager (1993) 0586008357
Asimov, Isaac Foundation (Panther Books -no.1080) Hamilton & Co (1960)
Asimov, Isaac Second Foundation Panther (1969)
Asimov, Isaac Foundation and Empire (The Foundation Series) Collins (1994) 0586013555
Asimov, Isaac The Foundation Trilogy: Foundation, Second Foundation, Foundation and Empire Avon (1966) 0380522411
Asimov, Isaac WHIFF OF DEATH Fawcett (1987) 0449214613
Asimov, Isaac Earth is Room Enough Fawcett Crest (1957) 44902801150
Asimov, Isaac Fantastic voyage Toronto (1966)
Asimov, Isaac The naked sun Garden City (1957)
Asimov, Isaac Foundation's Edge (Foundation Novels (Paperback)) Del Rey (1983) 0345308980
Asimov, Isaac Forward the Foundation (Foundation Novels (Paperback)) Spectra (1994) 0553565079
Asimov, Isaac Foundation and earth Doubleday (1986) 0385233124
Asimov, Isaac Buy Jupiter and Other Stories Doubleday Science Fiction (1975)
Asimov, Isaac The currents of space Garden City (1952)
Asimov, Isaac Magic: The Final Fantasy Collection HarperPrism (1996) 0061052051
Asimov, Isaac Through a Glass Clearly New English Library (1975) 0450027155
Asimov, Isaac Nightfall One Grafton Books (1971) 0586034668
Asimov, Isaac Nightfall Two: Science Fiction Stories HarperCollins Publishers (1986) 0586036571
Asimov, Isaac The robots of dawn Doubleday (1983) 038518400X
Asimov, Isaac The stars like dust Panther Books (1973) 0586024417
Asimov, Isaac Pebble in the sky Garden City (1950)
Asimov, Isaac The Planet That Wasn't There Avon Books (1983) 0380018136
Asimov, Isaac The gods themselves Garden City (1972)
Asimov, Isaac THE END OF ETERNITY Del Rey (1986) 0345336550
Asimov, Isaac Isaac Asimov's Camelot Ace Books (1998) 0441005276
Asimov, Isaac Robots and empire Doubleday (1985) 0385190921
Asimov, Isaac Prelude to Foundation (Foundation Novels) Doubleday (1988) 0385233132
Asimov, Isaac Gold: The Final Science Fiction Collection Eos (1996) 0061054097
Asimov, Isaac I, Robot London (1967)
Asimov, Isaac The Early Asimov, Volume 3: Or, Eleven Years of Trying (Panther Science Fiction Grafton Books (1974) 0586039376
Asimov, Isaac The Early Asimov Book Two Fawcett (1972)
Asimov, Isaac The Early Asimov: v. 1 (Panther Science Fiction) Grafton Books (1973) 058603806X
Asimov, Isaac Isaac Asimov Presents The Great SF Stories: 11 (1949) DAW (1984) 0879979186
Asimov, Isaac The bicentennial man London Panther (1978) 0586047255
Asimov, Isaac The Winds of Change Doubleday Science Fiction (1983)
Asimov, Isaac Great Science Fiction Stories by the World's Great Scientists D.I. Fine (1985) 0917657268
Astin, Sean THERE AND BACK AGAIN: An Actor's Tale; A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Lord of the Rings Allen & Unwin (2004) 1741145112
Attanasio, A.A. Wyvern Grafton (1990) 0586069151
Aundrews, Raoul Templeton The sea of the dragon a novel based on further exploits culled from the journals of Mark Valentine, master mariner Feltham Hamlyn (date?) 060020006x
Austen, Jane Emma (English Library) Penguin Books Ltd (1970) 0140430105
Austen, Jane Pride and Prejudice (English Library) Penguin Books Ltd (1972) 0140430725
Austen, Jane Sense and sensibility Fine Creative Media (2004) 1593081251
Aycock, Dale Starspinner Tower & Leisure Sales Co (1982) 0843909730
Bach, Richard Jonathan Livingston Seagull Macmillan (1973) 0330236474
Baen, James Destinies, No. 1: 003 Ace Books (1981) 0441142893
Bagley, Desmond Flyaway Fontana (1979) 0006158757
Bagley, Desmond Bahama Crisis Uk Fontana/ Collin (1982) 0006163041
Bagley, Desmond Running Blind HarperCollins Publishers Ltd (1994) 0006165346
Bagley, Desmond The enemy (date?) 0006154794
Bagley, Desmond The golden keel London Fontana (date?) 0006128297
Bagley, Desmond The spoilers London Fontana (date?) 0006125352
Bagley, Desmond The tightrope men London Fontana (date?) 0006137067
Bagley, Desmond Windfall (1983) 0006167446
Bagley, Desmond The Snow Tiger HarperCollins (1976) 0006143199
Bagley, Desmond High Citadel Fontana Press (1990) 0006173055
Bagley, Desmond Landslide Collins (1967)
Bailey, Robin The Lost City of Zork (Infocom, No 6) Avon Books (1991) 0380753898
Baker, Ernest A. (Editor) New English Dictionary Odhams Press Ltd (1932)
Baker, Trudy The coffee, tea or me girls lay it on the line London Corgi (date?) 0552094102
Baker, Trudy The coffee tea or me girls lay it on the line Grosset & Dunlap (1972) 044800819X
Baker, Trudy and Rachel Jones Coffee Tea or me? Bantam (1968)
Baldwin, James Go Tell It on the Mountain (Black Swan) Corgi Childrens (1984) 0552990434
Ball, John Police Chief Paperjacks (1985) 0770103561
Ballard, Martin The Monarch of Juan Fernandez Longman Young Bks. (1967) 0582155029
Barker, Clive Imajica HarperCollins Publishers Ltd (1992) 0006178049
Barker, Clive Weaveworld Fontana Press (1988) 0006174892
Barker, Ralph The thousand plan London Pan Books (date?) 0330202057
Bates, Herbert Ernest Breath of French Air Little Brown & Co (1959) 9997406990
Baxter, Stephen Space Voyager (date?) 0007106726
Bayley, Barrington J. Soul of a Robot Allison & Busby (1976) 0704312905
Bear, Greg Eon Legend paperbacks (1992) 0099547104
Bear, Greg Eternity Legend (1992) 009970630X
Bear, Greg The wind from a burning woman Arkham House Publishers (1983) 0870540947
Bedford, K. A. Orbital Burn EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publish (2004) 1894063104
Bedford, Louise The Secret of Candlestick Charting Wrightbooks (2000) 187662728X
Bedford, Louise Trading secrets : an Australian guide to successful share trading Wrightbooks (2001) 1876627786
Bell, James Scott Plot & Structure: (Techniques and Exercises for Crafting a Plot That Grips REaders From Start to finish) (Write Gre Writers Digest Books (2004) 158297294X
Benchley, Peter Jaws Pan Books (1975) 0330243829
Benchley, Peter The deep London Pan Books (date?) 0330250442
Benford, Gregory The Stars in Shroud (Sphere Science Fiction) Sphere Books (1980) 0722115717
Benford, Gregory Against infinity Timescape Books: Distributed by Simon an (1983) 0671459015
Beresford, Elisabeth Knights of the cardboard castle London (1967)
Beresford, Elisabeth Wombles, The (Puffin Books) Puffin Books (1972) 0140305726
Beresford, Elisabeth Awkward Magic (Target Bks.) Tandem (1973) 0426101537
Beresford, Elisabeth The Wandering Wombles (Puffin Books) Puffin Books (1974) 0140306536
Berk, Howard The sun grows cold Panther (1974) 0586039848
Berlitz, Charles WITHOUT A TRACE Ballantine Books (1978) 0345272048
Bernanos, Michel Other Side of the Mountain Norman Berg (1968) 0910220476
Bettger, Frank How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success in Selling Fireside (1986) 0671632175
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Bickham, Jack M. Setting (Elements of Fiction Writing) Writer's Digest Books (1999) 0898799481
Biggle, Lloyd Monument Garden City (1974) 0385038313
Blake, Carole From Pitch to Publication: Everything You Need to Know to Get Your Novel Published MacMillan Publishing Company (1999) 0333714350
Blanchard, Kenneth H. The One Minute Manager HarperCollins (1994) 0006367534
Blish, James Vor Avon Books (1958) 0380449668
Blish, James Clash of Cymbals Arrow Books (1959) 0099086603
Blish, James A life for the stars New York (1962)
Blish, James They shall have stars London (1968)
Blish, James Anywhen Arrow (1971) 0571095097
Blish, James Testament of Andros Arrow Bks. (1977) 0099148404
Blish, James Night Shapes Arrow Bks. (1978) 0099184001
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Blish, James Mission to the Heart Stars Granada (1980) 0586045740
Blish, James Midsummer Century Doubleday & Co. (1972)
Blish, James Jack of eagles New York (1952)
Blish, James Doctor Mirabilis Avon NY (1982)
Blish, James Galactic Cluster ()
Blish, James Black Easter and The Day After Judgement Arrow Bks. (1968-) 0099254506
Blish, James A Torrent Of Faces ()
Blish, James A case of conscience New York (1958)
Blish, James A case of conscience New York (1958)
Blish, James Year 2018! Avon (1957)
Blish, James The seedling stars Arrow (1967)
Block, Lawrence Telling Lies for Fun & Profit: A Manual for Fiction Writers Harper Paperbacks (1994) 0688132286
Block, Thomas Orbit Coward (1982) 0698111532
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Blyton, Enid Five go Adventuring Again Hodder & Staughton (1955)
Blyton, Enid Five run away together Hodder & Staughton (1956)
Blyton, Enid Five go to Smuggler's Top Hodder & Staughton (1965)
Blyton, Enid Five go off in a caravan Hodder & Staughton (1956)
Blyton, Enid Five on Kirrin Island again Hodder & Staughton (1954)
Blyton, Enid Five go off to camp Hodder & Staughton (1951)
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Blyton, Enid Five fall into adventure Hodder & Staughton (1955)
Blyton, Enid Five on a hike together Hodder & Staughton (1965)
Blyton, Enid Five on a hike together Hodder & Staughton (1954)
Blyton, Enid Five on a hike together Hodder & Staughton (1951)
Blyton, Enid Five have a wonderful time Hodder & Staughton (1952)
Blyton, Enid Five have a wonderful time Hodder & Staughton (1966)
Blyton, Enid Five have a wonderful time Hodder & Staughton (1966)
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Blyton, Enid Five go to Mystery Moor Hodder & Staughton (1956)
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Blyton, Enid Five get into a fix Hodder & Staughton (1964)
Blyton, Enid Five on Finniston Farm Hodder & Staughton (1960)
Blyton, Enid Five go to Demon's Rocks Hodder & Staughton (1961)
Blyton, Enid Five go to Demon's Rocks Hodder & Staughton (1961)
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Blyton, Enid A Castle of Adventure Pan Macmillan (2003)
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Blyton, Enid In the Fifth at Malory Towers Dean (1970) 0732312787
Blyton, Enid Third Year At Malory Towers (Rewars Series 55) Budget Books (1991) 0732312760
Boland, John Operation red carpet. A novel of menace London (1959)
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