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Hal Spacejock No Free Lunch Reviews

    "What I most like about Haynes' novels are that they are so well thought out. The plots are bullet-proof, with no loose ends or unexplained anomalies. His writing style is very easy to read and draws you into reading "just one more page" - Dooyoo.co.uk

    "Fans of the earlier instalments will lap this one up, and those new to the series will be reaching for the earlier ones" Aussie Reviews

    "With his gift for satire, science fiction author Simon Haynes is the Australian Terry Pratchett. In evidence I submit "No Free Lunch", a rollicking SciFi showcasing the adventures of that square-jawed, square-shooter spaceman Hal Spacejock" - Midwest Book Review

    "Simon Haynes is a very talented author who takes what could be a predictable plot, adds twists and turns and a unique sense of humour, and produces an adventure that will hold your attention from beginning to end" - Aussie Reads

    "No Free Lunch" is an effortless read that doesn't take itself too seriously. The plot is fun and intelligent, with some genuine laugh-out loud moments. [...] it is more subtle, and the main character more complex and endearing, than the macho title suggests. Bookseller+Publisher, May 2008.

    "Simon Haynes shows us again that he is a master of humorous speculative fiction. [...] Read this one and you'll be hooked" - The Specusphere

    "A five-star book" - Jim C. Hines