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The Hal Spacejock Series (Teen/Adult)

Hal Spacejock 06 Safe Art cover art (c) Simon Haynes

Ebook and Paperback

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Hal Spacejock 06 Safe Art

Book six in the Hal Spacejock series

A wealthy patron is sponsoring a series of art exhibitions, and Hal Spacejock has been employed to transport valuable pieces from one venue to the next.

The only question is which of them will last longest ... Hal or the artworks?

Hal Spacejock 06 Safe Art is the sixth title in the Hal Spacejock series.

Frequently Asked Questions (Updated June 2013)

When will this book be released?
It's out now!

"Safe Art" is a funny title, isn't it?
It's even funnier when you say it aloud ...

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