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Hal Spacejock 08 Stirred

Hal Spacejock 08 Stirred

Book eight in the Hal Spacejock series

See Hal 1, Hal 2, Hal 3, Hal 4, Hal 5, Hal 6, Hal 7, Hal 8, Jnr 1, Jnr 2, Jnr 3, Harriet 1, Shorts

Hal Spacejock 08 Stirred is a future title in the Hal Spacejock series.

Frequently Asked Questions (Updated June 2013)

When will this book be released?
Most likely, once the last part of the new Harriet Walsh serialised novel is out.

Have you written the book?
Two thirds of it, yes. This novel was written for NaNoWriMo 2007, but I'm going to alter, update and rewrite most of it.

Is this going to be another serialised novel?
I would say so. It motivates me to write quickly.

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