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Hal Junior: The Secret Signal (Audiobook) cover art (c) Simon Haynes

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Hal Junior: The Secret Signal (Audiobook) by Simon Haynes

Narrated by Simon Haynes

Running time: 3 hours 50 minutes (approx)

Ten-year-old Hal Junior lives with his mum and dad aboard a space station orbiting planet Gyris, along with a large crew of scientists and his best mate, Stephen "Stinky" Binn.

Hal's way smarter than the adults on board, but instead of flying spaceships or inventing killer robots, what do they have him doing? Chores!

Worse, someone thought it would be a great idea if Hal attended school!

Chores and homework. Could life get any duller?

Not today! Hal's class is set to tour a visiting spaceship. He's disappointed it doesn't have guns, missiles, torpedoes and space mines... but it's still an excursion!

Aboard the visiting ship, Hal uncovers a secret plot. A plot involving kidnappings, sabotage and more. He tries to warn the scientists aboard the space station he calls home — but as usual, nobody believes him!
Well, Hal's not giving up that easily.

He decides the only way to save everyone is to deal with the evil plotters himself — using a giant, home-made space cannon!

No swearing and no adult concepts ... just good clean fun.

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