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34,000 words, 190 pages, Illus
ISBN 978-1-877034-25-1 (Paperback)



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Hal Junior 2: The Missing Case

Hal Junior's spent his entire life aboard a space station, and he'd do anything to go camping.

Well, almost anything. No homework, no chores ... and absolutely no babysitting!

Now Space Station Oberon is expecting a Very Important Person, and Hal's been given a choice: look after the VIP's snotty little kid, or miss out on a camping trip to planet Gyris.

It turns out the kid is the least of Hal's problems, because together they uncover a terrible secret which could mean the end of the space station!

Frequently Asked Questions (Updated Sept 2018)

How long is this book?
About 32,000 words - 200 pages - with 20 small illustrations, diagrams and sight gags.

What's it like?
The Missing Case is an adventure, a thriller and a comedy all rolled into one. There's no swearing and no adult concepts ... just good clean fun.

What's the intended audience?
Readers aged 9-12.

What are the reading levels/readability grades for this book?
Kincaid: 2.8 * ARI: 3.0 * Coleman-Liau: 8.9 * Flesch Index: 91.9/100 * Fog Index: 5.4 * Lix: 24.3 = below school year 5 * SMOG-Grading: 6.4