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The Hal Spacejock Series (Teen/Adult)

34,000 words, 190 pages, Illus
ISBN 978-1-877034-25-1 (Paperback)

Kindle ebook (also UK) from $3.99.

Paperback (Amzn)
Paperback (Amzn UK)
Teaching notes

Hal Junior 2: The Missing Case

Now available in Kindle ebook ($3.99) and Paperback (From $6.99)

1) The Secret Signal2) The Missing Case3) The Gyris Mission

The Hal Junior series is written in a similar style to the adult Hal Spacejock books, except the Hal Junior titles are shorter and feature a younger protagonist. In other words, most adults will enjoy these books too! (Reading levels detailed below)

'I've heard of food going off, but this is ridiculous!'

Space Station Oberon is expecting an important visitor, and everyone is on their best behaviour. Even Hal Junior is doing his best to stay out of trouble!

From multi-coloured smoke bombs to exploding space rations, Hal Junior proves ... trouble is what he's best at!

Hal Junior: The Secret Signal was released in September 2011 to stellar reviews. And, of course, everyone started asking about book two.

Well, the good news is that I've already finished the next book. The title is Hal Junior 2: The Missing Case, and it features campfire practice, a VIP and a new friend for Hal Junior ... someone who can outdo him in almost everything!

Frequently Asked Questions (Updated June 2012)

How long is this book?
About 32,000 words - 200 pages - with 20 small illustrations, diagrams and sight gags.

What's it like?
The Missing Case is an adventure, a thriller and a comedy all rolled into one. There's no swearing and no adult concepts ... just good clean fun.

What's the intended audience?
Readers aged 9-12, and adults who still remember their inner child. Children in upper primary school (middle grade and/or middle school) will really like it. It should also prove popular with older readers who still enjoy fun and adventure.

What are the reading levels/readability grades for this book?
Kincaid: 2.8 * ARI: 3.0 * Coleman-Liau: 8.9 * Flesch Index: 91.9/100 * Fog Index: 5.4 * Lix: 24.3 = below school year 5 * SMOG-Grading: 6.4