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This fast-paced read will have kids excited about science, especially space, and will leave them begging for more Hal Junior adventures. The cartoons and diagrams were fun too, a great way to get kids involved! - The Paperback Pursuer

An exciting plot, humour and a likeable main character - ReadPlus

A thoroughly enjoyable read for 10-year-olds and adults alike - The West Australian

Hal Junior: The Secret Signal is a great science fiction novel for the middle grade boy ages 8-12. I don't often find great science fiction novels for middle grade to recommend so I was thrilled to read and review this book. Boys to Books

Haynes writing is gripping, and he has created the perfect characters to fit in with the story. I felt like I was there; holding my breath when Hal landed in danger and witnessing his adventure. I can't write this review without telling you how funny this book is - Hal is hilarious! I found myself laughing out loud when he messed up, or Stinky says something ironic. BookHi

A brilliant easy to read but exciting and funny story, perfect for reluctant boy readers. Words and Pictures

The Secret Signal is intended for readers in the 9-12 age group, although it reads fine as an adult piece too. The book is a brisk read and I can recommend it wholeheartedly to younger readers. Guy Salvidge

The interest is maintained by the antics of young Hal and his best mate Stinky, but the real gem is the way Simon has Hal use basic science principles. He weaves them into the story so Hal Jnr basically becomes a teacher of simple science. I believe Hal Junior will be a good beginning for many a young future space explorer. guest blogger on kids-bookreview.com

This a pleasant book that will appeal to many younger school age kids. Despite the differences in surroundings, I think they will be able to associate with Hal Junior and will be itching to have their own space suit. - Novelnaut.com

The story zips along with lots of laughs, mysteries and adventure. Hal Junior is great as the hero. I howled with laughter at his chemistry homework. Stinky Binn is good as the nerdy genius sidekick. The villains are suitably cartoony. I enjoyed the Teacher robot, too. - starshipsandaliens.com

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