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Hal Spacejock Omnibus One by Simon Haynes

Contains Hal Spacejock books 1-3 plus Framed.

Hal Spacejock 1: A robot named Clunk

In a vast, inhabited galaxy, two ruthless businessmen are virtually at war. They don't care who gets crushed in their struggle to compete, and their latest victims are a junky old robot and a penniless cargo pilot.

Hal Spacejock, the pilot, dreams of running a huge, intergalactic freight company. Unfortunately, his current 'fleet' consists of an ancient rust-bucket of a ship... and he can't afford to refuel it.

In fact, he's not even sure how to fly it.

Clunk, the elderly robot, is a qualified pilot with years of experience. Sadly, he's about to embark on his final voyage... straight to the nearest scrap heap.

But it's not over yet.

These two misfits are about to meet, and they'll have one chance to work together on an urgent cargo delivery.

Unfortunately, Hal doesn't trust robots... and Clunk isn't that wild about humans, either.

Buckle up for mayhem, mischief and payback as the creaky old robot and the down-on-his-luck space pilot turn the tables on the bad guys... and each other.

With lashings of accidental destruction, random mechanical breakdowns and some really lousy flying, Hal and Clunk are bound to come out on top.


Sort of.

"Brilliantly quirky, wildly absurd"

"The perfect blend of adventure, conflict and laughable moments"

Hal Spacejock 2: Second Course

Hal Spacejock's cargo business is going so well he's considering getting into passengers ... especially the beautiful and mysterious Sonya Polarov. Clunk's certain she's up to something, but as usual Hal won't listen to a word he says ...
Meanwhile, Rex Curtis runs the galaxy's biggest freight company, and he's sick of independent pilots stealing his cargo jobs. He's determined to make a statement by destroying the biggest nuisance of them all: Hal Spacejock.

Hal Spacejock 3: Just Desserts

Hal's new-fangled, bargain-bin stasis generator has just failed, exactly as Clunk predicted, and now their valuable cargo of fresh food is in danger of rotting away. They leave their ship and head off to find replacement parts, which is a real shame, because a secret agent wants Hal's ship for an urgent mission ... with or without his permission.

Hal Spacejock: Visit

Hal returns from a shopping trip and finds Clunk in a right old state. Break out the crayons and colouring sheets ... they're booked in for a school visit!

The Hal Spacejock series is perfect for fans of Hitchhiker's Guide and Red Dwarf

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The Hal Spacejock Series:

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These novels are standalones, not sequels. No cliffhangers at the end!