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The Hal Spacejock Series (Teen/Adult)


New Release!

H2 2018

Hal Spacejock Omnibus One by Simon Haynes

Contains Hal Spacejock books 1-3 plus Framed.

Hal Spacejock 1: A robot named Clunk

Clunk's grateful when his boss sends him off for a refit, because old robots are usually junked. So what's the catch?
The workshop is on the next planet, and Clunk must carry out a trivial little task while he's there: help a freelancer pick up some cargo.
It's a simple job, straight in and out ... but don't be late.
Clunk's a certified co-pilot, so landing in a deserted field under cover of darkness, avoiding customs ships, orbital lasers and trigger-happy warships along the way, is not a problem.
Unfortunately the freelance pilot is a much bigger challenge, because Hal Spacejock is obstinate, over-confident, and woefully under-skilled, and yet he refuses to cede control of his ship to a mere robot.
Worse, Hal's got 24 hours to pay off his debts or he'll lose his ship ... and his life.
Can the two of them sort out their differences and deliver the cargo, or will they still be wrestling over the controls when both deadlines expire?
A Robot Named Clunk is one part buddy movie, two parts laughter and three parts madcap adventure.

Hal Spacejock 2: Second Course

Hal Spacejock's cargo business is going so well he's considering getting into passengers ... especially the beautiful and mysterious Sonya Polarov.

Meanwhile, Rex Curtis runs the galaxy's biggest freight company, and he's sick of independent pilots stealing his cargo jobs. He's determined to make a statement by destroying the biggest nuisance of them all: Hal Spacejock. And all he has to do is ensure Hal's latest cargo job ends in disaster.

Unaware of the threat and distracted by Sonya, Hal's time-sensitive cargo sits aboard his ship while the deadline looms ever closer. If he doesn't get a move on, the late fees will ruin him ... and cost him his life into the bargain.

Hal Spacejock 3: Just Desserts

Hal Spacejock has a hold crammed with the most valuable cargo of all: fresh food. Half a million credits worth, to be exact.
Unfortunately, a vital part fails just before take-off, putting the entire cargo at risk. Hal must locate a spare quickly, and he sets off on a quest for the replacement part.
Meanwhile, his ship sits alone and unprotected at the spaceport, a target for every thief on the planet.
Deliver the cargo safely, and Hal will pocket a nice little earner. Fail, and he'll lose everything.
But will his ship - and her precious cargo - even be there when he returns?

Hal Spacejock: Visit

Hal returns to his ship after a little shopping expedition and finds Clunk in a right old state. Break out the crayons and colouring sheets ... he's organised a school visit!

Hal and Clunk, stars of the Hal Spacejock comedy series, feature in this brand new 4000-word short story. 'Visit' slots into the series any time after Hal Spacejock Second Course, but can be read and enjoyed as a stand-alone.

"Mr Spacejock, a local establishment is keen to meet you."
  "What kind of establishment?"
  "It's ... an educational kind of establishment."
  Hal's eyes narrowed. Clunk was being evasive, and that could only mean one thing.   The robot had landed him right in it. Again. "All right, spill it. What have you done this time?"
"I haven't! I didn't! I wouldn't!" Clunk hesitated. "I may have."

All Hal Spacejock books are standalones, not sequels. Read them in the original order if you can, but it really doesn't matter. There are no cliffhangers between novels.

The Hal Spacejock series is perfect for fans of Hitchhiker's Guide and Red Dwarf

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