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Peace Force - a Harriet Walsh novel

"If you like Monty Python and Red Dwarf this is a 'must read' book."

Welcome to the Peace Force!

Would you work for a deranged robot? Harriet Walsh does!

It's her first day on the job, and Peace Force trainee Harriet Walsh is given a simulated case to solve.

It's not like she can take on a real investigation, because Dismolle is a peaceful planet and there's absolutely no crime.

Well, almost no crime, because Harriet believes she's identified a real live suspect.

Yes, it looks like the Peace Force has a genuine case to investigate... which is a shame, because their crime-fighting computer is so basic it doesn't even have solitaire.

And it gets worse... Harriet's weapon won't fire without the right paperwork, the chief's batteries are failing and the patrol car keeps driving her up the wall!

No wonder some call it the Peace Farce.

Peace Force is a light science fiction series from award-winning author, Simon Haynes. It's set in the distant future, where the galaxy has been colonised and human-like robots are commonplace. No gratituous swearing and no bloodshed, just good clean fun, written with wry humor.

Each Harriet Walsh novel is a complete, stand-alone story. No cliffhanger at the end of each book!

Harriet Walsh is also a major character in the Hal Spacejock books, and she joins the series in Hal Spacejock 4, No Free Lunch.

The Harriet Walsh, Hal Spacejock and Hal Junior novels are all set in the same universe.

The Harriet Walsh Series:

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These novels are standalones, not sequels. No cliffhangers at the end!

FAQ (Updated Feb 2018)

Sounds cool, when will Peace Force be released?
It's out right now!

What's the point of a spinoff?
Harriet Walsh 1: Peace Force is an origin novel, telling Harriet's story from her own point of view.

Can't you just write more Hal Spacejock?
I've only just finished Hal Spacejock 8: Double Trouble, and I'd like to try something else for a bit.

Will Hal Spacejock and Clunk appear in this novel?
Events take place two years before Harriet meets Hal Spacejock for the first time, so no. What you can expect is loads of nods and winks to Hal Spacejock fans and the other books in the series.