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The Hal Spacejock Series (Teen/Adult)

Peace Force - a Harriet Walsh novel

Meet Trainee Harriet Walsh of the Dismolle Peace Force

PEACE FORCE is set in the Hal Spacejock universe, with events occuring before the start of Hal Spacejock: No Free Lunch. Reading the Hal Spacejock series is not necessary in order to enjoy the PEACE FORCE novels.

Who needs the Peace Force on a quiet retirement planet like Dismolle?

Harriet Walsh does!

With no money, no friends and no future, joining the Dismolle Peace Force seems like the answer to Harriet's prayers.

It's just a pity the Dismolle Peace Force also has no money, no friends and no future ...

FAQ (Updated Feb 2018)

Sounds cool, when will Peace Force be released?
I'm aiming for May 30, 2018, but it's not certain yet.

What's the point of a spinoff?
Harriet Walsh 1: Peace Force is an origin novel, telling Harriet's story from her own point of view.

Can't you just write more Hal Spacejock?
I've only just finished Hal Spacejock 8: Double Trouble, and I'd like to try something else for a bit.

Will Hal Spacejock and Clunk appear in this novel?
Events take place two years before Harriet meets Hal Spacejock for the first time, so no. What you can expect is loads of nods and winks to Hal Spacejock fans and the other books in the series.

What happened to the old cover?
The old cover evoked 'hot chicks with guns', which is a million miles from what I write. This one shows you a human and a robot teamed together, which is spot on. Plus I drew this one myself, and I prefer to roll my own that knock something up from stock photos. (The background may yet change...)