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Freelance writer for hire

I'm Simon Haynes, author of the Hal Spacejock and Hal Junior series. Over the years I've written and published several short stories and any number of articles and blogs, and I'm also the programmer behind yWriter, the popular novel-writing software.

(I'm also a freelance computer programmer.)

Why hire me?
• English is my first language (I was born in the United Kingdom, now living in Australia)
• I have a Bachelor of Arts in English from Curtin University.
• I'm a fast but careful worker.
• I'm not hiding behind a nickname. I have my reputation as an author to uphold.
• I've worked for small and medium businesses since 1989, writing copy for endless brochures, press ads, newsletters, magazines, flyers, product catalog(ue)s and more.
• I've been an avid computer gamer since 1983. I can write and polish in-game text or write backstory for adventures, proofread manuals, etc.

What am I offering?
I'm an experienced freelance writer, someone who can put that all-important shine on your personal and business documents.
No job is too small. Does your book blurb need rewriting? Is your marketing copy flabby and unfocussed? Do you need a snappy paragraph for your blog or website? Let me trim it down for you!

I write clean, effective copy for marketing brochures, ads, computer games, product manuals, newsletters, sales sheets, direct mail campaigns, websites and any other project you have in mind.

What don't I offer?
I cannot ghost-write your novel, dissertation or other longer forms.

It depends on the job. Let me know what kind of source material you have - and what you want me to come up with - and I'll give you a quote. E.g. tell me whether I'm working from a rough draft, an idea, product specs ... you get the idea.
At the lower end, I'll rewrite your book blurb or a couple of paragraphs of text for $10-$20 (US).
At the upper end, I can give a four-page brochure a proper going-over for $200-$300.
(Rates subject to change depending on my workload and the amount of work you're offering.)
Some things you need to know:
• I accept Paypal, BPay (Australia) and major credit cards.
• Privacy and discretion are guaranteed.

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If you're interested in my freelance writing service, contact me and let me know what you're after.