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Humourous Fantasy Writers - Tom Holt

Tom Holt was kind enough to read Hal Spacejock before it hit the presses, and I was over the moon when he sent me a very positive review for the cover blurb. I'd like to repay this favour in some small way, by promoting him on this page. And before you ask ... no, he didn't request this, and doesn't know I'm doing it. Writers don't go around putting blurbs on each other's books for payment, but if you like his work you may like mine, and vice versa.

Here is the official Simon Haynes, programmer and author. Welcome to my website.

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Spire of Atlantia
Customize your character and home. Form relationships with the islands inhabitants. Explore the dangerous island and fight your way up the Spire of Atlantia!
A third-person RPG for Windows PC.

The Secret War series

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