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Contains Hal Spacejock books 6-10 plus Albion.


A wealthy patron is sponsoring a series of art exhibitions, and Hal Spacejock has been employed to transport valuable pieces from one venue to the next.

The only question is which of them will last longest ... Hal or the artworks?


I came up with the title for this one first, and then wrote the book afterwards. Why? Because it was fun getting kids to say the title out loud during school visits.


Hal and Clunk have an exciting new job. They must land their 200-ton cargo ship beside a remote, abandoned house and carry the contents to safety. Problem is, floodwaters are rising and there's very little time.

Then they discover the ground isn't very stable.

In fact, the landscape is about as firm as one of Hal's delivery dates.

So, it's not long before Hal and Clunk aren't so much on the job... as underneath it.


Hal Spacejock lands on planet Alteia, where he's so distracted by his own problems that he forgets to collect Clunk from the luggage rack. Not to worry, because a couple of old friends free Clunk from the spaceport ... only to reveal a great big ulterior motive: they want him to join their gang group.

Meanwhile, Hal's remembered his trusty co-pilot at last ... but only because everyone's trying to kill him, and Clunk is big and metal and bulletproof-ish.


Hal and Clunk answer a distress call, and they discover a fellow pilot stranded deep inside an asteroid field. Clunk is busy at the controls, dodging incoming rocks, so Hal dons a spacesuit, takes the jetbike and sets off on a heroic rescue mission.

If he'd only known the trouble he was getting himself into, he wouldn't have bothered...


The Spacers' Guild needs a new president, and Hal Spacejock is determined to cast his vote... even though he's not a member.

Meanwhile, their latest cargo job belongs to someone else, their shiny new ship is losing money hand over fist, and doing a good favour could turn out to be the biggest mistake of Hal's life.

Join Hal and Clunk in their tenth adventure, where the only good boots are... Cold Boots!

Hal Spacejock: Albion

Hal takes an odd call from a team of scientists, and minutes later he and Clunk are boarding a shuttle for the nearby orbiter. Turns out the scientists need some vital information, and only Hal can help.

Before long he's embroiled in a new adventure, and this one's really dangerous.

Albion is a novella set in the Hal Spacejock universe. This story follows directly after Hal Spacejock 8: Double Trouble, and should be read after that novel.

Hal Spacejock Megabus Two

Hal Spacejock Megabus Two cover art (c) [Artist]

The Hal Spacejock series

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