The Desolator

Catch of the Day

Ken Green hooks a whopper, then discovers he's caught more than he bargained for.

The ship fired its reverse thrusters as it eased into orbit above planet Earth. The computer deployed a range of sensors and analysed the radio spectrum, and when the results came through the automated systems revived half a dozen of the crew.

With their extremities thawing and their sluggish synapses barely firing, the crew listened as the computer relayed the bad news in a smug, digital voice.

And as the assembled beings picked crusted fluid from their ears and noses, it dawned on them that a bunch of primitive simians had evolved unexpectedly, stealing this planet for themselves.

A 4000 word SF/comedy/fishing story.

Language warning: Contains high-level swearing.

Catch of the Day

Catch of the Day cover art (c) Bowman Press

Short fiction by Simon Haynes