Loss Leader

Synopsis: After delays and last-minute setbacks, the first colony ship leaves planet Earth for a distant star. Join the crew as they discover all is not as it seems...

(Also available in French)

  'This is it, ladies and gentlemen, your last sight of the Glory before it leaves. This is a historical moment without parallel, a moment which opens the book on the Human conquest of space!' The commentator paused for breath as the rectangular grey slab vanished in a glare of white light. 'And there she goes, departing on a journey of a hundred years! Don't forget, folks, you can book your place right now. Just press the Order button on your remote. Please note, those under eighteen years will need permission from...'
  'Turn it off,' called Erin.
  The viewscreen cleared.
  'What the hell was that?' Roth looked around the control room. 'We haven't gone anywhere.'
  'They prepared that earlier. Our launch window clashed with a major sports event, so they mocked something up.'

"... pure science fiction and, just between ourselves, an entirely evil tale, suggesting a far more likely approach to Earth colonizing the universe than I have seen in a long time." Australian Spec Fic in Focus

"... a tale of space colonization as executed with corporate corruption (the kind you probably, sadly know firsthand), written with a dawning, chilling, believable cynicism."


• Loss Leader originally published in Andromeda Spaceways #3
Language warning: Contains high-level swearing.

Loss Leader

Loss Leader cover art (c) Bowman Press

Short fiction by Simon Haynes