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The Hal Spacejock Series (Teen/Adult)


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H2 2018

Welcome to the website for Simon Haynes, author and programmer

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A Portion of Dragon and Chips

The Robot vs Dragons Series (Adults/Teens 14+)

An insane, inspired blend of high fantasy and low humour

Imagine Discworld crossed with Game of Thrones, and you've already got a grip on this brand new fantasy series.

Harriet Walsh 1: Peace Force

The PEACE FORCE Series (Adults/Teens 14+)

Meet Harriet Walsh of the Dismolle Peace Force

The Harriet Walsh series: hair-raising adventures with good clean fun.
They're not flat-out comedy like the Hal Spacejock novels. Instead, Harriet is a smart, capable woman who just happens to be starting a new job with no help, no resources and no experience. Light science fiction, not a techno-fest.

Hal Spacejock 1: A robot named Clunk

The Hal Spacejock Series (Teens/Adults)

Hal Spacejock: one part Han Solo, one part Crocodile Dundee ... and ten parts incompetent.

Ahh, Hal Spacejock. You know everything is going to go wrong, but it's the how that surprises and delights.
Like Harriet Walsh, the novels are light science fiction. If we really did live in the future, would we stop to explain every little gadget in mind-numbing detail? Of course not!
And with Hal being such a technophobe, his explanations would be utter nonsense anyway.

Hal Junior Cover

The Hal Junior Series (Ages 8-12)

And you thought Hal Spacejock was trouble ...

These novels were written for younger readers, but adults love them too.
Featuring cameos by various Hal Spacejock characters, the little trouble-maker Hal Junior is on a mission to dispel boredom and enjoy life to the full.
Many people have compared Hal Junior to Dennis the Menace in space ...

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