Humourous SF Writers - Douglas Adams

Douglas Adams is famous for the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, although his work includes far more than this imaginative and hilarious... what? Film? Radio series? Books? TV series? HHG appeared in a wide range of media, including games from the dawn of the home computer era.

My first taste of his work was watching the TV series on a black and white telly, back in the mid 80's. I was about 16, and after nine years in Spain without TV I would have watched anything. HHG wasn't just anything, it was original and funny, and along with Minder, Dr Who and other programs of that era, it had a big influence on the way I write my own fiction. Entertainment comes first!

The world lost a friend when Douglas Adams passed away in 2001. There is nobody I'd rather have representing Earth when aliens finally drop by for a cuppa.