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Hal Spacejock Second Course Reviews

(These are press reviews ... you can see reader feedback here)

"... a refreshing change from the post-cyberpunk trying-to-be-cool futures we get so often in SF these days. [...]Haynes is a skillful writer, but he never forgets that he is writing to entertain. Descriptive scenes are particularly well done, conjuring just enough detail to keep the reader 'in the loop,' but not so much as to bog the story down. In short, Haynes knows what he's doing." Guy Salvidge

"The rich variety of characters and the very clever humour is attention-holding from beginning to end. I can?t wait for the next in the series." Mary Koenig on CMIS Evaluation (WA Education Department)

"Anyone who has ever had a frustrating run-in with a computer, or had to suffer bureaucratic thuggery, or who just wants a great story that will keep you smiling, this book is for you." /dev/random

"It's still too early in his career to assess Haynes' full potential ... he?s been writing for roughly the same length of time as Pratchett had in 1977, when he had just published The Carpet People. But Pratchett had to wait until 1983 for success with The Colour of Magic. I don't think Haynes will have to wait that long. He?s too talented, the jokes too funny, the stories too well plotted." Colin Harvey, Strange Horizons

"Hal Spacejock brings a breath of fresh air to a genre that often takes itself far too seriously. It's rollicking, slapstick and without a hint of self-importance. From his first appearance in Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine [...] Haynes has scaled obstacles that have made many others throw in the towel. His perseverence and talent have been rewarded, as will be the readers of this book." The West Australian

"Madcap Space-based action" Australian Bookseller & Publisher

"A breezy and enjoyable read" The Advertiser, Adelaide

"Imagine Wallace and Gromit in the space cargo business ... a very funny followup from sci-fi supremo Simon Haynes." TravelLink Magazine

"After reading the first Hal Spacejock book I wondered what Haynes could possibly write to equal its zany humour and rat bag characters. Well, the greatest rat bags in space are back in spades, folks. Hold onto your hats for another wild ride across the Great Unknown." The Specusphere (Warning, contains plot spoilers)