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Australian Paperbacks!

I've FINALLY set up printing within Australia for all of my books, so I can now send copies within this country at pretty good prices. (I'd offer to send overseas, but the postage would be about three times the price of the book! Plus in many countries you can already buy them for similar prices on Amazon.)

If you're interested, just send me a PM via my Facebook page, or email me via my website.

How To Write a Novel is the cheapest - I can send that one for AUD$12.95 including postage.

The four Hal Junior books are AUD$14.95 each, including postage. (I also have an omnibus paperback edition with the first three books in.) Fantastic birthday or christmas presents, these!

Peace Force novels are $16.95 including postage. (I've also put together a big Omnibus paperback with all three books - you're welcome to ask about that.)

Secret War: Raiders is also A$16.95 inc postage.

After that it gets a bit more complicated, because most of the others are too thick for a prepaid C5 envelope so they have to go in satchels. (The avg weight is around 400gm per book.)

Each of the Dragon and Chips novels is $13.50 PLUS postage.

All nine Hal books are A$14.50 each plus postage.

I'm happy to work out a price with combined postage, within the confines of the Australian postal system. E.g. a 3kg satchel is around A$15, and I could put seven or eight books in one of those. On the other hand, a 500gm prepaid satchel is $8 ... and will only take one book.

If you don't want them signed I can get the printer to post the books directly to you, the customer. That's the cheapest option for the 'plus postage' books.

Anyway, do let me know if you're interested. You can tell from the pricing that I'm not making a whole lot from these, since books in Australia usually retail at $20-$25 these days.

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Posted 06 July, 2019 . . .
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