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New Release: Collect One-Two

A few days ago Hal Junior 2: The Missing Case went live. It's already started selling and initial feedback has been great.

And now, my first short story collection has just been published. Collect One-Two contains a dozen assorted tales, from science fiction comedy to fantasy send-ups to mild horror (morror?) and everything in between.

Published by Bowman Press
Trade paperback, 5.25" x 8", 200 pages
ISBN: 978-1877034206
Price: 7.99 USD, 6.99 GBP, 7.99 EUR, 13.95 AUD

This paperback went from concept to publication in under three weeks. (That doesn't include writing and editing the stories!)  From a few files on my hard drive to a book which can be printed and delivered from locations in Australia, UK, US and France - all within four-five days

Now, I know Hal Spacejock 5 is the one people have been waiting for, very patiently, and I promise the ebook will be out soon, with a paperback to follow around the end of August. Here's a taster of the latest cover idea, just to keep you going:

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Posted 17 June, 2012 . . .
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