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Hal Spacejock Just Desserts Reviews

"One touch that I especially liked in this book was the subtle nod (or rather kick in the nether regions) Haynes gave to films such as Star Wars, TV programmes like Doctor Who and Minder, and a whole host of others that I'm sure I missed too. These insertions showed a comedy writer who is very aware of just how much he can play with certain elements and aspects of the genre and they were played out beautifully in this one." Australian SpecFic in Focus

"Hal Spacejock, with his edge of desperation and wholesale belief in his own abilities, is that delightful type of hero (or anti-hero?) you love to cringe with. Clunk, respectable but somewhat na?ve, is Spacejock's perfect foil. Together they allow us to cruise across the galaxy on a giant bumper car rally, smacking into large objects and giggling all the way." Australian SpecFic in Focus

"Simon Haynes continues to deliver action-packed, laugh-out-loud science fiction that hooks you in for a tongue-in-cheek, knockdown and drag 'em out ride!" Australian SpecFic in Focus

"The satire is great, the plot oddities continue to fascinate ... Simon Haynes wants to write fifteen Hal Spacejock books. We are happily waiting." Fiction Focus WA Education Dept buyers guide.

"This book is dangerous. You should not read it on public transport. The constant sniggering and occasional bursts of hearty laughter are likely to get you strange looks at best, and a consultation with a psychiatrist at worst ... This is fantastic comedy in every sense of the word, and very addictive." /dev/random

"The plot moved so quickly and so smoothly that if it hadn't been for the chapter breaks, I might have missed some things -- meals, for instance. Once again, the adventures of Hal and Clunk are just plain fun to read, especially if you keep your eyes open for references to other works of science fiction, both books and movies.
I imagine Simon Haynes is frequently compared to Douglas Adams, but there's a different tone. I loved the HHGG series, but I think Adams just sort of fell into SF; Haynes is clearly grounded in it. Plus, according to things I've seen on his blog, he's more than capable of disciplining himself to write and meet deadlines. With any luck, this means we won't have to wait long for Hal 4. Until then, we'll just have to get by with the first three." (From amazon.com)

"I read it at a sitting and couldn't put it down. The relationship between Hal and Clunk has matured into a smooth, polished, very satisfying double act. My compliments to the chef." Tom Holt

"How Haynes dreams up his improbable scenarios is a mystery to me, but I'm glad he does it ... enjoy another fast and furious ride with the zap-happy, zany rapscallions." Specusphere